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Dreamer Real Estate


Dreamer Real Estate is a real estate consulting and brokerage company which deals with prestigious properties throughout Italy due to important and strictly selected partnerships with the major international agencies within the industry, targeted business relationships and liaisons aimed at finding customers and investors worldwide who have real interests in the Italian high luxury real estate market. A synergistic union of relationships, visual communication tools, innovative online and offline marketing strategies and a constantly expanding luxury property portfolio. Promoting a luxury property for an international clientele requires precise expertise. Relational skills and a high emotional component in the purchase are often crucial.

Acquisition Team: Professionals dedicated to the acquisitions for a constant expansion of Dreamer real estate portfolio on strategic selected areas

Broker team: Professionals dedicated to deal proposals towards selected and constantly growing international buyers within Dreamer professional network.

Marketing team: Careful market analysis, active management of the real estate portfolio and positioning of its offer through innovative online and offline marketing strategies.
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